Hello my name is George, I’m a Counsellor/Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Master Life Coach from Saskatoon SK Canada and move to Vancouver British Columbia to gain my education, knowledge and wisdom in Clinical Counseling, Family Support Counseling, Holistic Counseling, Fitness Counseling and Master Life Coaching with over 20 plus years of experience within scope of practice and work as I’ve been assisting people struggling with addictions, mental health, fitness goals, health/wellness goals and every day to day issues to gain a better view of themselves and inner world to move forward in there life, work, home. My every day passion is to help people become successful in life with renewed strength, purpose, and clarity and happiness to succeed with the life tools to cope with a open mind and heart.

I’m registered member in good standing with CPCA, CCPCP, and ICF to bring you the best current tools needed as a group facilitator, counsellor and coach to help you to move forward.

I enjoy being with my family in Vancouver BC and when I’m not working I enjoy weight training, walking, music, painting, reading and being with my friends and becoming the best who I can be.

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use, fitness goals, life goals and/or relationship goals or anything that is blocking you and you may need my help, I believe I can help you move forward with ease and life passion to learn and grow and succeed past it. 

Thank you for reading.

George Durocher

MPCC/RPC/Wellness Counselor & Life Coach & Instructor.

New Energy Forward Coaching & Counseling

Work cell – 604-725-9183


Work e-mail –

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