Hello I’m George Durocher.

I enjoy living a healthy, creative, active lifestyle as a open gay man in my life & work & culture I have a lot of wisdom to share with you within the areas of Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Employment, Family Issue to Fitness Training, Health, Wellness, Goals Setting, Fine Arts and so much more. I love being creative in my life to role model health and wellness and be positive that things do change and get better as we all have our own coping skills to seek out and may need a little help to move forward.

I have a passion for working with all communities as I enjoy doing one to one or group settings to teach and help people learn new ways of thinking.

I am trained, certified, licensed to bring you my best services in life coaching, holistic counseling and clinical counseling as a MPCC, RPC, ICF outstanding professional member to practice in my field. I enjoy working with people to feel better in the world we live in and to be happy.

Thank you for reading.

George Durocher

MPcc/RPC/Wellness Counselor & Life Coach & Instructor.

New Energy Forward Coaching & Counseling

Work cell – 604-725-9183


Work e-mail –

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